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Rates / Payment Methods




Single dogs regardless of their size are charged at $40.00 daily. Two dogs sharing the same kennel and having a combined body weight of less than 80 lbs. are charged at $50.00 daily and two dogs in the same kennel having a combined body weight of 80 lbs. or more will be charged at $60.00 daily. For Clients with three dogs and wishing for them to be boarded together in the same run, regardless of size, will be charged at $70.00 daily. Anyone needing medication or supplements to be administered during their dogs stay will be charged at $3.00 daily. For anyone running out of food during their stay, each meal will be charged at $3.00. 

Rates are charged on a daily basis starting the day your pet arrives for check in (regardless of the time of day) and end on the day they are checked out (regardless of the time of day.)

Acceptable methods of payment are cash and major credit cards. If credit cards are being used, a six percent service charge will be added to cover the merchant fees we're charged for running processing your payment. Personal checks are not accepted. 

Important... When a reservation is made for specific dates and then cut short with little or no notice, it creates the loss of a kennel that another one of our clients could have had but was turned away because at the time they tried to make their reservation, they were most likely informed we were booked solid. This creates a loss of revenue on our end but more importantly means one of our clients has now had to either go without or take their business to another facility. For this reason, refunds will not be issued in these circumstances. No refunds will be issued with less than 72 hours notice.