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The Kennel


Irondog's Cottonwood Kennels boarding facility and training yard.


Irondog's Cottonwood Kennels boarding facility and training yard.


Irondog's Cottonwood Kennels boarding facility and training yard.


Inside view of our dog kennels


Inside one of the kennelsThe kennel itself is comprised of 16 individual runs. When the kennel was designed, it was built atop a concrete slab and constructed of cinder blocks which were insulated to assist with temperature control. The concrete Pad slopes down on both sides from the center of the building to allow easy cleaning and removal of waste. From the floor up, the first four feet of each run is constructed of block. This prevents the dogs from fence fighting and insures intimidation isn't taking place. The block walls provide a more sanitary environment since waste cannot be washed from one kennel into the next.


Inside one of the kennels

Chain link panels rise above each of the block wall partitions to height of eight feet. All of the chain link panels and gates are constructed of a number nine gauge, one inch, chain link mesh. The primary reason for this added construction expense was safety. In the case of dogs that are aggressive or frustrated due to being kenneled, fence chewing is not an uncommon problem. The one inch chain link prevents chewing on the fence and substantially limits the possibility of broken K-9 teeth. The smaller holes in the fencing also prohibit dogs from sticking their paws and legs through and creating a risk of injury.The kennel is surrounded by a plush yard complete with mature Cottonwood trees. The play yard is just less than ¾ of an acre and is secured by a six foot high chain link fence.

All boarding is by appointment and reservation only. This can be accomplished by contacting Tom Schenek in person or by text at 520-404-9556. If we are unable to answer at the time you attempt to reach us, please leave a message and it will be answered by the close of business that same day. We will also respond to e-mail, however a phone call or text will probably get answered quicker. An up to date shot record must accompany all dogs showing they are currently vaccinated against kennel cough, parvo and rabies. Dogs will not be accepted without this documentation. 

All dogs are required to be accompanied by enough of their own feed to sustain them through their stay. Because there is always a certain level of stress in any dog that is being boarded, a sudden change in diet only compounds this problem and makes for upset stomachs and an unpleasant stay.

For dogs that are used to toys, treats and bedding, its okay to bring them along for your pets visit. Cloth toys are discouraged for hygiene purposes, balls less than four inches in diameter are not permitted. Hard rubber toys or toys that can be easily rinsed off or cleaned are preferred. Should your dog tear into or destroy the bedding you've provided it will be immediately disposed of to keep our drains from clogging.

 Towels, blankets, sheets and large beds are discouraged because they generally wind up in a wad in the corner of the kennel or are difficult to clean if contaminated. What seems to work the best is a simple bath mat that is carpeted on one side and has rubber siding on the other. This gives your dog the feel of something softer than concrete while the rubber sided bottom keeps it flat on the floor and from sliding around.

Your dog(s) will be exercised at least twice daily and feeding will take place as close to the schedule as you dictate. Provided your dog will come when called, they will be allowed to run and play off leash. If this is not the case, they will either be walked while on a leash or supervised while trailing a “long line”.

During the summer months, the grass is treated monthly with Spectracide Triazicide granules and the kennel is sprayed to help protect against ticks and other critters such as bugs and spiders. Due to the large amount of grass and the number of rabbits who come in to feed during the nighttime hours, its strongly recommended your loved ones are treated with a topical solution to provide an added level of protection against parasites such as ticks. We've experimented with a number of different products over the years but strongly endorse a product named "Liberty," which can be purchased at Vail Vista Feed (Do not use these products on cats). Vail Vista Feed has a large selection of premium dog food, toys, treats, bedding, accessories and a very knowledgeable, customer service oriented staff. They can be found on the north side of Sahuarita Road, exactly 1.09 miles east of our location. Please let the staff know you were recommended by IronDog. For your convenience, they can be reached by phone at 520-762-1436.


Large ¾ acre grass exercise yard


Our large fenced and secured yard for the dogs.


Aerial view of Irondog's Cottonwood Kennels


Aerial view of Irondog's Cottonwood Kennels


Aerial view of Irondog's Cottonwood Kennels